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Tax Refund: Your Payrise

If you’ve had a job and paid tax in the last 4 years, you could easily have been underpaid by over £200 over the last 4 years and due a tax refund. And that’s just the average… You could find your tax refund is worth even more! Why would I have been UNDERPAID, surely my […]

Tax Refunds: How Someones Mistake Is Your Gain…

Tax Refunds and the big cock up More than 1,700 patients are at risk due to an NHS error. 1788 to be precise… And that number is apparently likely to RISE! Not something you want to hear is it. Basically, the NHS hired another company to re-direct and re rout any files which were wrongly […]

Our most common question: Why Could I Be Due A Tax Refund

Probably Our Most Common Question: Why Would I Be Due A Tax Refund? The first reason and main why is HMRC could have made a hiccup with your tax code in the last 4 years, you haven’t checked it and are due some money back. This happens more often than you think! with shocking statistics like 3/4 […]

Even Pensioners aren’t safe….

Even Pensioners aren’t safe from the tax mans grip…. A new article by the watchdog behemoths WHICH has just uncovered some startling facts about the pension freedom scheme: The pension savings that are being taken out early because of the freedom schemes are being invested in really poor-paying cash savings accounts… Most people who’re taking […]