Terms & Conditions

Tax Refund Terms and Conditions

In getting you a tax refund, there are a few tiny terms and conditions. Here they are in as plain English as we can put it:


You or Your– the person who has undertaken the tax code review service from  The Tax Refund Company and whose name appears on correspondence from  PTS (Stockport) Ltd.

We, us or Our – The Tax Refund Company which is a trading name of PTS (Stockport) Ltd of Grosvenor House, St Thomas’s Place, Stockport, SK1 3TZ, a Company registered in England & Wales. Company Reg. No. 09393187 and with the VAT Registration Number: 205 141 657.

HMRC – Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Tax Refund Conditions:

You confirm that by submitting Your application to Us You are appointing Us as Your nominee to act on Your behalf, pursue Your claim and entitle Us to receive notification directly from HMRC regarding details of Your claim.

You may cancel the contract by notice in writing to Us within a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date You submit Your application on our website or of the date We receive your postal application.  Your cancellation will be effective from the day that We receive your letter or email.

We will conduct a comprehensive review of Your tax affairs based on information provided by You which We will treat as true, accurate and complete.  The review will cover up to the 4 tax years prior to the current tax year, together with the current tax year. (A tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April the following year.)

You agree that all information You provide to us will be accurate to the best of Your knowledge and belief.

You have maintained accurate records and have evidence to support Your claim such that can be made available to Us or HMRC if requested.

We will contact You after We receive Your completed application and request any information necessary to complete Your review.

We will carry out Your review free of charge, subject to You agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.

We will not be held responsible for any underpayment of tax caused by omitted or inaccurate information supplied by You.

We will correspond with You by telephone, post, email or via Our online portal using the contact details that You have provided us with in Your initial application.

You will inform us if any of the name or contact details You provide change whilst We are carrying out Your review.

We will contact You if Your tax affairs appear to be correct based on the information You provide to us.

We will send a claim to HMRC to arrange for Your money to be refunded if Your review indicates You have paid too much tax.

We will continue to correspond with HMRC for as long as it takes to get back any money You are owed by HMRC.

You will only provide copies of any documentation requested.  In the interests of protecting your data We will destroy any documentation provided once We have completed the review of Your tax affairs.

You will send us any letters You receive from HMRC asking for documents or information, together with the documents or information HMRC are asking for where possible.

You will instruct HMRC to send the refund to us using the document We will supply You with. Where HMRC sends the refund to us, We will deduct Our fee (as per the “Fees” section below) and send You a cheque for the balance by post.

You agree to contact us within 14 days of receiving notice from HMRC of a new tax code or receiving a cheque from HMRC if HMRC sends the cheque to You, or if HMRC refunds Your money by giving You a new tax code. We will then send You an invoice for Our fee and You agree to pay Our fee in full within 21 days of receiving Our invoice. Should You not pay us Our fee within 21 days of receiving Our invoice We may take action to recover the monies You owe us and You agree to pay any costs incurred by us in taking this action.


Unless otherwise agreed, when You get a tax refund from HMRC as a result of a claim We make to HMRC on Your behalf, where Your tax refund is under £100 Our fee is £38 and where Your tax refund is over £100, Our fee is 38 pence for each £1 of tax You get back. Where the total amount We get back for You is under £38, You will not be required to pay us any more than the amount of the refund.

If You ask us to re-issue a cheque We have sent to You, We will charge You a £25 fee. Where the value of the cheque is under £25 you will not be required to pay us any more than the amount of the refund.  We will not charge You this fee if We have made a mistake that requires Your cheque to be re-issued.

Following the issue of a refund cheque, if it remains un-cashed for a period of six months and We are required to contact You to confirm You have received it, We will charge You a £5 administration fee.  If We do not hear from You after a further six months and your cheque remains un-cashed, We will close Your file and You agree that We will dispose of Your refund as We see fit including the donation of some or all of Your refund to a Registered Charity of Our choice.

All figures include VAT at the applicable rate, which is currently 20%.

HMRC contact details can be found here