Testimonials From Happy Customers Who’ve Used Our Services And Received A Tax Refund

This is a small sample of the thousands of testimonial letters we’ve received from people who’ve had a tax refund from our services and from those who just used us to check.

I heard about the tax code checking service offered by The Tax Refund Company through my trade union, the GMB.

At the time I didn’t think I needed the service as I presumed my employer, the Ambulance Service, automatically took the right tax through PAYE.  I’d had the same tax code for years so assumed it was right and no one told me it was up to me to check it.

Knowing nothing about tax, I decided to get my code checked by the Tax Refund Company. I just answered their questions and left it with them.

It was a huge surprise when I found out I’d had the wrong code for many years and got £9,890 back off The Revenue!!  I never expected to get anything.

Thanks to the GMB and The Tax Refund Company, I’m also getting nearly £200  a month extra in my wages this year. Without their help, I’d still be losing money every year.

Mr A Blair

“Thank you for the cheque of £130.70 which I received today in regards to the above claim. I really appreciate what you have done for me.

Mr T Graham

“Thank you very much for your kindness! Have just spent my voucher – thank you!

Mrs K Costelloe

“Thank you so much for the result of my application – I’m obviously not particularly surprised, as my circumstances haven’t changed for year, but I’m a sucker for a free offer! I am, however, extremely grateful for your excellent service and the very enjoyable interaction with you and your firm over the course of the past weeks. It was great fun and I wish you all my best wishes in your success in the future”

Mr P Davies

“Dear Melanie many thanks for your time and help with regard to my tax enquiry. thanks again”

Mr B Bradford

“Many thanks for the letter to let me know that there are no mistakes in my tax code.”

Mrs A Cox

“I am writing to thank you for the recent tax refund on my behalf. I appreciate that you may have had to go to some lengths for a very little return on your behalf. These days it is unusual to be thanked for something that everyone takes as granted. Again thank you very much I have passed your details onto colleagues who may benefit from your assistance.”

Mr G Finch

“I requested refund forms from the tax office, which were totally unintelligible. Had the service offered by your company not been available I would not have attempted to apply for the refund, and I certainly feel that your company deserves its fee!”

Mrs Parker, Norfolk

“I just wanted to write and thank you for the excellent service I have received from your company. I was delighted to receive my tax repayment in the post today, and without your assistance would not even have known I was entitled to it.”

Miss Prince, Leicester

“I was not going to proceed and waste your time and effort, but rest assured I will be advising a lot of people to use your wonderful service.”

Mrs S B, Essex

“I’m writing to thank you for looking into my tax liabilities and for returning all P60’s and tax coding notices. It puts ones mind at rest that I am only being charged the tax that is due from my combined pensions.” 

Mrs. Potton

“Today I received the cheque from you for my share on the money you have reclaimed, that Inland Revenue had stolen from me over the years. Your 40% was well earned, as all I could have hoped for or would have got back without you would have been 100% of nothing.”

Mr Harris

“Thank-you. I wish you a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year

Mrs A Nest

“I’d like to thank you for getting me £207 rebate from the tax office, which is a feat in itself, just the job with xmas coming up and a few bills to pay.”

Mr Rogers

“I was very grateful for the extra cash and I now have a new tax code so I hope my life will be a little easier, at least financially! Your company was most efficient and I am very happy.”

Mrs. Warne

“I have just received a cheque for £358.34 from you for overpaid tax, which you claimed back on my behalf. I would like to thank you for your services. I would have (or rather did) assume that as a PAYE employee that my tax deductions were always correct and without your help would never have thought to claim myself” 

Mr Dorrington

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