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Tax Refunds: how Wonky Fruit Can Get You Some Money

Wonky Fruit = Tax Refund. Wonky Fruit = Tax Refund. I bet you never thought you would hear ‘tax refund’ & ‘wonky fruit’ words in the same sentence, eh? At the minute wonky fruit is all the rage in the supermarkets – with Tesco bringing it’s own range of ‘wonky fruits’ to the fray. Wonky […]

Tax Refund: A Little Bit About Ourselves

We’ve Been Getting Tax Refunds For Ordinary Taxpayers For Over 24 Years. The Tax Refund Company has been helping ordinary employed taxpayers – like you – check their tax code for mistakes and claim a tax refund since 1994. With over 2.9 million taxpayers having applied for our tax code review and with a reputation […]

Tax Refunds: Can I Just Do It Myself?

So, getting a tax refund yourself is the best option right? If you really know what you’re doing and can actually get through to HMRC regarding your tax refund, of course you can. But that assumes you’ve got lots of patience, plenty of time, and know exactly which areas of your tax you need to look at […]

Tax Refund: How Do I Apply?

So you want to check if you’ve got a nice tax refund sat waiting for you at HMRC? Wise choice! So now, you’ve got a few choices depending on how exactly you want to apply: 1, If you’re still on our website (and haven’t printed this off), you can click on the big green “Apply […]

Tax Refunds: How Long have We Been Doing This

We’ve been ‘doing’ tax refunds for quite a long time. 8,695 days at the time of writing this… …or 208,680 hours …or 751,248,000 seconds!! The service actually became available on the 19th August 1993. That’s a long time! Although in those days the service was called Professional Taxation Services, until it seemed everyone thought they needed to be a doctor, solicitor, architect or […]