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Why Do I Need to Check My Tax Code?

– Your tax code tells your employer how much tax to take off your wages. – HMRC sends out a new tax code at least once each year. – Your employer has to use the tax code they’re sent, and they’ve no idea if it’s right or not. – It’s your job to check your […]

#QnAMonday – “Why did another tax refund service tell me to post my paperwork to postcode ‘BX9 1AS’ “?

Ahh, imitation – they do say it’s the highest form of flattery! While that’s nice to know, we do see a number of customers who’ve applied to other companies for their tax refund – only to be left high and dry… just take a look at some of the comments we get and try and […]

#QnAMonday – “Doesn’t my Employer Check my Tax Code?”

  Well – It’s Monday once again, so that must mean it’s #QnAMonday! Today, we’re taking a look at why you can’t just assume your employer has your tax code correct, and why you should check for yourself… Don’t forget, our tax refund calculator is FREE (it won’t cost you a penny to check). If […]