So, What Are Your Fees for My Tax Refund?

There’s a famous, old saying that can apply to anything… But especially tax refunds…

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys

We charge just a little more than other, second-rate tax refund firms. This enables us to do a more in-depth review of the taxes you’ve paid, which means we can…

GUARANTEE to get you EVERY PENNY that you’re owed from HMRC.

and unless we can get you a tax refund, you won’t pay us anything.

Where we do help you get a tax refund, our fees are easy to understand. If your refund is up to £100, our fee is £38. If it’s over £100, the fee is 38p for each £1 refunded. In the event your refund is less than £38, you’ll have nothing more to pay us.

Any refund you receive for a current tax year that’s paid directly into your wages is free of charge – there will be nothing to pay us on this part of the refund.

We’ll also arrange a new tax code for you where needed. Any savings this makes for you next year and each year thereafter will be yours to keep. You won’t pay us a fee for these either.

Tax Refund Company

Our Average Tax Refund For Clients Is Over £206!