Tax Refunds: What Happens To My Cheque?…

So let’s say you’ve got your tax refund – A nice healthy amount which HMRC have been stashing away from you – What happens next?…

If they follow your instructions, HMRC will send us your cheque. We’ll take our fee and send the remaining bit to you.

And then your cheque should pop through your letter box within 28 days of the date shown on the letter you’ve got about your tax refund from HMRC.

As a famous meerkat once said… Simples.

28 days is just a guide because local or national postal strikes, changes in the way HMRC send out assessments and refunds or other unknown forces might slow things up.

It also takes up to 28 days because we often don’t get the cheque for 7-10 days after they send you a letter, even though your letter may say they’ve sent it.

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to run off into the night with it!

Once we’ve got your refund, we’ll check it’s correct and hold on to it for a minimum 7 days to make sure HMRC doesn’t ask for some of it back!

We do get cheques for more than the amount due and HMRC will ALWAYS want it back, so the last thing we want to do is to send you a refund and then have HMRC ask you for some of it back!

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