Tax Refunds: how Wonky Fruit Can Get You Some Money

Wonky Fruit = Tax Refund.

Wonky Fruit = Tax Refund.

I bet you never thought you would hear ‘tax refund’ & ‘wonky fruit’ words in the same sentence, eh?

At the minute wonky fruit is all the rage in the supermarkets – with Tesco bringing it’s own range of ‘wonky fruits’ to the fray.

Wonky fruits are fruits that are slightly less than appealing to the eye, yet contain all the goodness of a normal fruit. People usually don’t buy them because they look pretty… well… wonky.

But the sudden surge in people wanting to buy this imperfect fruit has caused Tesco to bring out its own range.

But what has this got to do with tax refunds, I hear you say?…

Well, your tax refund is a lot like wonky fruit – a little bit ugly but full of goodness. And in this case, that goodness is getting your hard earned money back to treat yourself with – holiday, anyone?

It’s ugly because it sounds like it’s going to be a whole load of kerfuffle, with loads of forms and talking to people on the phone and sending stuff off…

well, that’s where we step in.

We take out 99% of the ‘boring’ part of tax refunds, and just leave you with the cheque! You don’t have to mess around taking up your own time with speaking to people and sending off forms!

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