Tax Refund: How Do I Apply?

So you want to check if you’ve got a nice tax refund sat waiting for you at HMRC?

Wise choice!

So now, you’ve got a few choices depending on how exactly you want to apply:

1, If you’re still on our website (and haven’t printed this off), you can click on the big green “Apply Now” button at the top of the screen.

You’ll then need to create an account – it takes 10 seconds – and give us some basic information to start the review. We’ll look at your answers and then email or write to you for more information. When you click the “Apply Now” button, you’ll also get the option to use a printable form which you fill in on screen and then print and post to us.

2, You can simply call our lovely dedicated customer care team on 0161 968 7345 and they will take your application over the telephone.

3, You can fill in the form your employer, trade union or professional body have given you and send it to the FREEPOST address shown on the form. (In case it’s not obvious, it’s The Tax Refund Company, FREEPOST RTHS-EKKC-BEAU, Seaton House, Stockport, SK2 6LR) 

If you don’t have a claim form you can either open a pdf version and print it off by clicking here or if you’ve not got a printer, just send us a stamped and self-addressed envelope and we’ll send you one. Send your envelope to Nicola Hoyle, The Tax Refund Company, Seaton House, St Thomas’s Place, Stockport SK2 6LR. Any size envelope will be just fine, but please don’t forget to put your name and address on it and a 1st or 2nd class stamp.

Tax Refund Company

Our Average Tax Refund For Clients Is Over £206!