Tax Refund 101 – Should I Even Check My Tax Code?

How 5 Little Digits Could Get You A Hefty Tax Refund…

Those funny little numbers and letter on your payslip could be costing you a lot of money and could be holding a secret tax rebate for you!

Your tax code – usually looks something like 1150L – tells your employer how much tax to take off your wages. If your employer uses the wrong code, they’ll take the wrong amount of tax…….and you’ve guessed it, it’s nearly always too much!

HMRC sends you out a new tax code at least once each year, but sometimes several times a year. Your employer has to use the tax code they’re sent, and they’ve no idea if it’s right or not. Ultimately it’s your job to check your employer has got the right code and taken the right amount of tax.

It’s a common mistake to believe that because “I’m on PAYE”, your employer sorts your tax and takes the right amount – Very common! In fact, it’s actually quite shocking at how many applicants find out they’re due a tax rebate…

Over 1 in 3!

That’s right, over a third of the tax code reviews we complete end up with our customers getting a tax refund, so it’s clear every taxpayer should check their tax code.

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