Introducing Mrs Mummypenny as blogger in residence

The Tax Refund Company & Mrs Mummypenny: the Dynamic Duo

I love how Mrs Mummypenny takes twists and turns in the work that I am approached to do. I was recently delighted to be asked to become the blogger in residence for The Tax Refund Company. So what does blogger in residence mean? To me, it means that I write blog posts appearing both on The Tax Refund Company and my site discussing all things personal finance.

The Tax Refund Company

The Tax Refund Company is a company here to help you out with getting a tax refund Most of us in the UK are employed by others, both public and private sector. I wonder how many people struggle to understand their tax code and how many actually know what it means? Do you ever check it and calculate your correct tax payment every year to ensure you have paid the right amount?

I have always checked mine and I was employed for 16 years. Now, this is most likely because 1) I have always been obsessed with saving money and 2) one of my first ever jobs in 1997 at university was for a small accountancy firm. I used to do peoples’ tax returns and basic sole trader accounts. This taught me all about the world of tax codes, allowable and disallowable expenses, rental income, all sorts. When I left university I got a job with HSBC in the city and trained to become an accountant, so by the time I was 24 I was a qualified management CIMA accountant.

My qualification and interest in personal finance are what haave got me to today. I simply love sharing my knowledge and expertise with you readers on my website, and this is what got me noticed by The Tax refund Company. They like my story of being a personal finance expert along with being a qualified accountant. And that I have this canny ability to write about boring finance subjects in a fun and engaging way.

How can My Tax Code Help you?

the Tax Refund Company will help you to understand your tax codes and will investigate any allowable expenses to help reduce your tax bill. For example, when I was employed I was always able to include my CIMA subscription fee of £250 per year as an allowable expense so I was able to save some tax.

There are many jobs where you can include uniform cost as an allowable expense and thus reduce your tax bill. The Tax refund Company will investigate this, correct your tax code and will arrange for this refund for you. They will take a small fee from any refund they generate for you. How will you spend this refund from the Inland Revenue?

Your tax code investigations and refunds will be arranged by the friendly team based in Manchester. Full of qualified accountants like me who know the ins and out of complicated tax rules. As the advertising slogan goes, tax need not be taxing, but it is to many people. the Tax Refund Company will help you sort out your tax code problems and will get you any refunds you are due.

This partnership between Mrs Mummypenny and My Tax Code is a sponsored relationship and will help Mrs Mummypenny pay for the 8 pairs of football boots to be bought in September #MrsMummypennyMyTaxCode

Tax Refund Company

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