6. Isn’t your fee expensive?

If you’re thinking this, it’s worth looking at what options you’ve got, apart from using us.

The first option is you do nothing. Over one-third of the reviews we finish end up with a refund, so the longer you do nothing, the more money you could be losing. Doing nothing is the same as paying 100% of your refund to HMRC. Now that’s really expensive!

The second option is you contact HMRC yourself. Take a look at Question 16 to see what this involves.

The third option is to use a high street accountant. They’ll charge you £100 – £150 per hour and you’ll have to pay this even if you don’t get a refund. If your case gets complicated and HMRC asks them lots of questions or even loses your file you’ll end up paying your accountant each time they complete work on your case. There’s no way of knowing how much it’s going to cost you until you’ve reached the end of the process, and by then it’s too late! It could easily turn out to be a very expensive process with nothing to show at the end.

The fourth option is to use another company. If you want to do this, here are a couple of useful tips…

Tip 1 Check for hidden charges – things like VAT being added, cheque handling fees, admin charges etc. You may have to read the “small print” very carefully to find them but they’ll be there!

Tip2Check what you get for your money – Ultimately, like most things in this life, you’ll get what you pay for.  At TRC we have dedicated teams working with our customers to maximise the value of any refund that may be due.  Everything is professionally checked before anything is submitted to HMRC and our clients are kept fully informed throughout the process. 

Other companies do not do this, they simply get you to fill out a form and then forward it to HMRC without checking if you are even due a claim.  They are literally taking their fee for forwarding your mail – nothing else. 

This is a very risky approach and can lead to clients owing HMRC money rather than getting it back.

Tip 3 – Check what happens if you end up owing tax – Again it’ll be in the small print, you’ll find no other company takes any responsibility for this, simply because all they’ve done is forward your mail without checking anything. 

Here att The Tax Refund Company we guarantee our work in 2 ways –

  1. If you get a bigger tax refund elsewhere (for the same period we have reviewed) we will give you the difference and
  2. If you end up owing tax as a direct result of our work we will pay any tax owed as a result of our error.

No one else can or will offer you this!

TIP 4 – Check who they work with – We are the “Approved Provider” for a number of large Trade Unions and professional bodies such as The Police Federations and Royal College of Nursing as well as major employers, benefit providers and payroll companies.  Each of these organisations goes through a stringent process before approving partner companies like ourselves.  If a company has not been approved by these types of organisations, ask yourself why.

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