Here's how YOU could get a pay rise and it won't cost your employer a penny!

FACT: 1 in 3 employees are underpaid every month,

or have been underpaid in the last 4 years… but it's not their employers fault!

HMRC sends your employer a tax code telling them what tax to take off your pay. The problem is the codes are often wrong but your employer can't tell. It results in 1 in 3 employees paying too much tax, typically £200 - £300 over the past 4 years, but it can easily be £££thousands! To add to the's up to YOU to check the code and tell HMRC if it's wrong, not your employer.

The good news is if you've been underpaid, you can get your money back.
But there's a've got to check your tax codes and find the mistakes first.

If you're anything like most of the 29 million taxpayers in Britain, you probably wouldn't know if your code was wrong, or how to check it, so you've got a problem. Fortunately, we've got the perfect solution.

Through Xexec, you can have your current tax code professionally checked by leading tax code experts, The Tax Refund Company.

With a first class track record that comes from checking the codes of nearly 1.7 million taxpayers, they'll find out if your employer's got the wrong code and if they have, get HMRC to sort it. That way HMRC can pay you back the money you should have been paid since April this year. The money will go straight into your pay and you'll see your take home pay increase from the next month as well. That's how you could get a real pay rise

The best bit…..

This service is completely FREE of charge.

While they’re checking your current tax code, they’ll also check the codes you had in the last 4 years. If it turns out you’ve been underpaid in the past, they’ll sort it and get HMRC to pay you back!

If you get money back from and earlier year, there’s a fee of 38p for every £1 you get, but only for money from earlier years. There's a minimum fee of £38, (unless you're owed less than £38, in which case they'll drop the minimum fee so you've nothing more to pay). But remember, the current year is always FREE.

​Complete peace of mind is built in as you're covered by a DOUBLE GUARANTEE


If you don't get all the money you're owed by HMRC, they’ll pay you double what you lost and to really remove any concerns, if you get an unexpected tax demand as a direct result of this check, they’ll pay the tax bill for you.

(T&C’s apply)

So now's your chance to get a pay rise or even a nice lump sum from past years. 
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