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1 in 3 taxpayers are owed an average of £206.95* after HMRC gave them the wrong tax code!

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 The Tax Refund Company

"HMRC makes it your job to check you have the right code..."

You get a new code every year and the Trust uses your code to work out how much tax you need to pay.

If you’re given the wrong tax code, you will pay the wrong tax, almost always too much.

However, you can get your money back off HMRC if it turns out you’ve paid too much…

What should I do?

HMRC makes it your job to check you have the right code.

  1. If it’s wrong, you must tell HMRC so they can send you, and the Trust, a new code.

    This isn’t something the Trust can do for you. You should check your past and current tax codes (shown on your pay slips) and make sure they were right.

  2. Tell HMRC if you find any mistakes and HMRC will refund your money if you have paid too much.

What if I can’t or don’t want to do this myself?

You can have your tax properly checked by leading tax experts, The Tax Refund Company.

A quick online review will tell you straight away if you might be owed any money. If you are, you can choose whether to register for a full review to confirm this and claim your money back if it turns out you have paid too much. 

They’ve checked the tax for over 1.9 million taxpayers.

1 in 3 receive money back from HMRC -  anything from a few £’s to over £14,900.

Don’t worry if you’ve not kept your pay slips – they don’t need them.

The review is FREE!

Unless you get money back, there’s nothing to pay.
If they DO get your money back, the fee is £38 where you get up to £100. If you get over £100, the fee is £0.38 for each £1.

For complete peace of mind, in the unlikely event HMRC sends you a tax bill as a result of using this service The Tax Refund Company will pay the tax for you

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About The Tax Refund Company

The Tax Refund Company has been helping ordinary taxpayers check their tax codes for errors and claim tax refunds where due since 1994. With over 3 million taxpayers having applied for a tax code review and with a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in our search for overpaid tax, we’ve grown to become the UK’s leading professional tax refund specialists.

What Customers Say...

The Tax Refund Company have helped over 1.9 million tax payers.

Here's what just two of them thought of the experience! 

A. Holman


I would like to thank you getting my tax refund which I was entitled too. I am sure there are many more nurses out there like myself that do not claim all there entitlements due to being so busy and not realizing what they will be able to claim for.


I have used your company before and I would have no hesitation in using your company again. Very pleased with my cheque for £312. Very much needed in my life. Thank you for your excellent service highly recommended.

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*based on 12,384 taxpayers receiving £2,562,899 from HMRC after a tax review with The Tax Refund Company in the 12 months to 30 June 2019.