Working With Employers, Trade Unions, and Professional Bodies To Help Their Employees & Members Get Their Money Back.

Over the last 30 years, we’ve been proud to work closely with over 700 organisations across the UK who share our passion for making sure their employees, members and clients have the opportunity to get their money back where due.

“Since we started working with The Tax Refund Company in 2019, we’ve seen more than 5,500 employees take advantage of their expertise. Their marketing team is highly organised and their seamless administration and communication has made it easy to roll out across over 200 locations each year. It’s proved to be one of the most popular benefits we offer. Over half those using the service have had money back, with many now paying less tax as well. As an employer that prides itself on caring for our employees, being able to help them understand and look after their tax affairs with the backup of experts where needed, was an easy decision to make. We would recommend the team at The Tax Refund Company – a true employee benefit without any hassle or cost!”

 — Linda Wills, Employee Experience Manager, Barchester Healthcare


“The NGSU has worked with The Tax Refund Company since 2008 and since December 2023 alone, over 620 of our members have utilised their services. Remarkably, more than half the members discovered they had paid too much tax in the past 4 years, getting back an average of £159 each. The service is extremely user-friendly and our members only pay a fee where they get a financial benefit. The overall process is quick, the response from The Tax Refund Company is prompt, and the service provided is excellent. The team is both friendly and helpful, making the entire experience seamless and satisfying. Highly recommended!”

Emma Clay, General Secretary, Nationwide Group Staff Union


We’re also an Associate Member of the UK Employers Assistance Professionals Association

The Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)


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